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Brispain Contains Green lipped mussel its a shell fish that’s native to New Zealand (Perna canaliculus). Its name comes from the green lip around the edge of its shell. The green lipped mussel is one of the larges mussel species in existence, and can grow up to 240 mm in length.

The green lipped mussels are grown in dedicated farms in the pristine waters of New Zealand, usually in sheltered waters close to the shore. The mussel industry operates within some of the stringent quality standards in the world. Both the mussels and seawater around the farms are tested for biotoxins, bacteria, and heavy metals.

New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people have claimed for centuries that consuming green lipped mussels has helped them maintain good health. But when and how was this natural wonder food scientifically discovered.

Clinical Trials Of Green Lipid Mussel

Marine scientist John Croft is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the life cycle, farming methods and therapeutic uses of marine extracts, including New Zealand green lipped mussel.

John’s belief in Green Lipped Mussel is based on more than just the research. Several years ago he started taking Green Lipped Mussel for the first time. Now, John is a firm believer in the health benefits of Green Lipped Mussel.

Green-lipped mussel is a nutritional supplement taken from a type of mussel native to New Zealand. Green Lipid Mussel contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting properties. New Zealand's Green Lipped Mussel Extract (GLME) has been studied in a number of clinical trials in patients with arthritis. The results of these studies have been very promising and demonstrated that GLME can significantly reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

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